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the link about the ex thing isn't working for me can you post it here or reblog it or something


Sure, here:

You know, I think we’ve all felt it - not being able to move on from someone who’s probably already moved on from us for a while now. The truth is, letting go sucks, missing them sucks, but the worst thing you can do is wallow in your self-pity hoping that things will get better that way. They won’t. And that’s probably one of the most important things to do when trying to get over someone: Realizing that it’s over. It’s over, and he or she is not coming back. Drill that into your head. Write it over and over until you’ve gotten the message. That person is no longer a part of your life.You think your life is pointless without them and you’ll never love anyone as much as you loved them? Well think again. Of course chances are that you will never fully forget this person, and there’s nothing you can really do about it. Certain pieces of the people you loved will always stay with you. Like when you hear that song you two used to listen to, or when you find a shop with pretty things that they would’ve liked. You’ll always be reminded of that somehow, that you felt something at that time. But when this person does cross your mind you need to tell yourself that that is your past, and that there are still hundreds of days ahead filled with laughter and happiness. Life will still be fulfilling. You do not need anyone to complete you, because you are already a fucking masterpiece. And looking back is not the way to go. So take some time for yourself, cry or scream or get drunk or punch a pillow and let it all out. Call a friend, spend time with people you care about, or with your pet or whoever you feel like being around. Don’t isolate yourself. Pick up a new hobby, writing, painting, sports, anything really. Go out and have dinner at your favorite place, meet new people, travel to different countries and learn about their cultures, hike up the highest mountain in your city and memorize how small and unimportant everything seems from up there. Find things you can put your whole heart and passion into. Focus on yourself, let yourself heal. Healing is a progress, and progress is only made over time. So give yourself time. 

when i was little and my parents were driving id pretend there was a man/being/thing running alongside the car who had to follow certain rules like “he can only travel by jumping from streetlight to streetlight” or “he can only walk on fences”

i was so surprised to find out that other people did similar things

i wonder what the underlying psychology behind it is

like its a really specific thing to do but almost everyone did it without telling other kids about it because we all thought it was probably weird or unimportant

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